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Your Yu-Gi-Oh Channel video SegmentsEdit

Your Yugioh Interviews- These are interviews of yugioh players who are boys or girls. I ask them three questions which are: How did you get into yugioh? What do you do besides play yugioh? What deck do you play?

Making a Good Duelist- Earl talks about his experiences as a yugioh player and gives tips on how to become better. Earl is very funny and is an advance yugioh player. His ideas are sometimes off the wall but he is real in his words and makes the viewers understand what he is saying.

Yu-Gi-Oh Rants- My rants are random and are done at the spot of when I think about the topic. I never prepare to do a video and the videos are done raw. I talk about all my experiences in playing yugioh.

Deck building on a budget-

What makes this channel unique?Edit

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